LifeNets Chile Scholarship Report

Juan Pablo Rosales
Santiago, Chile

Hello my name is Juan Pablo and I am currently studying Audio Engineering. I made the decision to choose this career because I liked music since I was a child. When I was older I started recording music and having a registry of my music took me one step closer to what I was studying. It has been a dream and goal for me to focus on this career. I hope that in the future people will enjoy what I do. Thank you, LifeNets, for all your help!


Alejandra Alcavil

My name is Alejandra Alcavil, and this year I started studying Basic Education at the University of Chile. The reason why I decided to study Basic Education was to serve as a kind of "scaffolding" that can deliver a comprehensive education to children regardless of the social reality in which they live and thus help them improve their lives. The LifeNets scholarship has helped me very much to continue my education by providing needed funds. Thank you so much!

Juan Pablo Rosales