LifeNets Working 25 Years in Chernobyl

March 18, 2021

Dear our friends Victor and Beverly!

June 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the "Revival" Center, the first Center in Ukraine for comprehensive rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Your organization LifeNets had a big part in its creation. Many thanks to you, all members of your organization, and many US citizens who participated in the creation of this unique institution. according to numerous delegations from the United States, Europe and the world. Your organization has significantly helped in the development of the Center's base, provided modern equipment for the examination of children with disabilities, and annually provided financial assistance for the rehabilitation of seriously ill children.

Over the years, more than 40,000 seriously ill children have received qualified care. The pride of the Center is now a famous musician, winner of sports competitions in swimming, biathlon, dancing in wheelchairs, artists and others. Many children have adapted to life in society. They are all happy, their parents are happy. All this was done by our employees and you - our dear friends-philanthropists! Many thanks to you!

COVID-19c made adjustments to the organization of the rehabilitation process. In April, May and June 2020, the Government introduced a lockdown and the Center did not accept sick children. After that, we were allowed to resume work in compliance with a strict mask regime, the use of disinfectants, and a number of anti-epidemic measures. Currently, the Center is actively rehabilitating children.

The budget of the "Renaissance" for 2021 is 4,555,600 UAH (165 thousand dollars). Compared to last year, prices for energy (gas, electricity), food, medicines, and disinfectants increased. The minimum wage of employees also increased from UAH 4,700. up to UAH 6,000 ($ 218 per month).

This year we plan to rehabilitate 590 children. The cost of the treatment for each child is UAH 7,700 ($280) for three weeks.  Funds for the rehabilitation of children this year were allocated by the Chernihiv City Hall, the Fund for Social Protection of the Disabled of Ukraine, and philanthropists.

The budget deficit is UAH 731,500. (26.6 thousand dollars) for the rehabilitation of 95 children.

Thank you for any amount your organization can provide.

The photos in this report show some of the projects funded by your organization.

With love and gratitude,

Vasily, Natalia, and all employees of the Center