Missions from Western Ukraine to Eastern War Zones

November 9, 2023

Vladislav Yurishko write this photo report about LifeNets volunteers from Western Ukraine driving to Donetsk and other places in Eastern Ukraine to deliver humanitarian supplied  

Greetings dear Mr. and Mrs. Kubik,

From October 17 to 22, 2023, volunteers of the LifeNets Foundation (Ivan Prunitsa and Vladimir Chernukha) made a humanitarian trip to the Donetsk region. They brought the people vegetables, fruit, canned food, drinking water, and medicines.

There are still quite a few elderly people there. Some do not want to leave their homes, many have nowhere to go... and some simply do not have the physical strength to go anywhere. The region often suffers from shelling, and people have to survive without such amenities as centralized electricity, energy supply, etc.

Our brothers had several extremely dangerous situations, but the Lord kept them safe and they are returning home safe and sound.

Sincerely, Vladyslav.

In the photo on the left, Ivan Prunytsia, a LifeNets volunteer, is standing by the stove. He and Volodymyr are in the apartment of elderly people living in Krasny Liman.

Almost all the windows in the apartment building were smashed by numerous shelling. These people have severely damaged windows, they just covered them with plastic. It is very cold in the apartment, the municipal heating does not work at all, so they warm themselves and cook food on the stove in the apartment.

Oleksandr is sitting on the left in the photo. He is 42 years old and also lives in Krasny Liman. He lives in an apartment with his mother, the house was also damaged by shelling, but they have no choice but to live in their apartment. A few weeks ago, Oleksandr had a stroke, after which he cannot walk or raise his arms. Together with his brothers, he prayed and expressed a desire to entrust his life to God. The brothers gave the family medicine and food.

This destroyed five-story building is located in the Kharkiv region. The Russians destroyed this building with an air bomb. Many people were killed and injured. The building was half destroyed.

This is the face of war.

Krasny Liman. Ten families live in the basement of the damaged apartment building. People have a very hard time, there is no water supply, and electricity is only available occasionally.

Another photo from Krasny Liman. Our brothers brought food to people who are in great need.  In the photos you can see that almost every window on the building behind is destroyed. People are preparing for the winter as best they can