New Graduations from the Philippines and Malawi

The LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program has helped over a thousand young people since it's inception in 2001 when we started in Guatemala and El Salvador.  We have had tremendous outcomes in the changed lives that change communities.  Some have become doctors, dentists, accountants, teachers, computer technicians, mechanics, journalists and much more.  Here are just two recent stories:   

Good day, My name is Alondra Gen Dado from Davao. I am one of the youths who is given this privileged to study and pursue my desired course, B.S. Psychology because of the help of the LifeNets program.

With the help of your generosity, I am very thankful to be in this stage of my
life, fighting and pursuing my dreams.

I am also blessed by the Almighty Father, for guiding me during my tough times while studying, giving me the strength not to stop, and lending me inspiration to live.

Another LifeNets Success Story 

Chisomo Nyalubwe graduated on 12th March 2021 with a Bachelor of Education Degree from Nkhoma University in Lilongwe. Talking to her on her graduation day she was very thankful to LifeNets for the timely assistance without which she wouldn’t have achieved this.  

Joseph Mughogho
LifeNets Business Manager