“Romashka” camp in Transcarpathia

In the summers of 2000 and 2001 LifeNets sponsored a community camp called "Romashka" (meaning Chamomile) in Shayan just outside Khust, Ukraine. Some of the funding came from George August in Long Beach, California.This town was right near the Romanian border and was famous for its springs of water; it has a reputation as one of the best natural springs in all of Europe.

In 2001 Debbie Wesley went there to work as a volunteer for one of the sessions of camp. Debbie had a background in nursing and loved working with children.

The camp was a community camp, but the workers here were from the "Christians of the Sabbath Day" that we had gotten to know since 1991. They did a great job in staffing and teaching. They did crafts, art work and held Bible classes as well as the sports and recreational aspects of camp.

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