Sunday, January 15, 2023 in Kherson, Ukraine

A breaking story of incredible service of volunteeers driving to Kherson, Ukraine coming from a congregation in Western Ukraine.  The team has helped the people in Kamashani in the Kherson region.  LifeNets provided the money for food.   They packed all this in the church building on Sunaday, Jan. 15.  It will be sent out for delivery on Monday, the 16th.

Incredible bravery and sacrifice to help fellow countrymen in this crisis!

Our mission team from Khust/Rokosovo in front of the Kherson city limits sign

Our church in the Kherson region in their church hall This is where the food packs were put together.

January 15, 2023

We received this brief report from today's work from our mission from Western Ukraine to the Kherson region.  The money we sent them Friday was recieived.  They bought food, and had a work party to package 

Today, brothers ministers from the Salvation church in Khust and Rokosovo bought food products with the funds sent on Friday by the LifeNets fund, and together with brothers and sisters from the church in the village Kamishana in the Kherson region have packaged them in packages and tomorrow they will deliver them to people who suffered from the Russian occupation regime in the war against the Ukrainian people.

May God bless all those who donated funds, those who bought and delivered, and those who will consume

Store where they bought food

A bridge destroyed earlier by the Russians

Loading the van

The Russians still lob shells into the Kherson area