Ukrainian Paraplegic Ivan Sobolev

LifeNets has been helping paraplegic Ivan Sobolev who lives in Chernihev, Ukraine, for the past ten years.  He has been a paralyzed for more than 10 years as a result of a diving accident.  His story is one of courage, not giving up and developing his skills.  We tell his story at

He lives with his parents about 30 miles east of Chernobyl) very close to "Revival" Centre of Rehabilitation where w have worked for the past 24 years (

Ivan just sent us a very nice thank you note.  We pray for him and admire his courage and acceptance of what life has brought to him.  Ivan is pictured with a shipment of medical supplies that we shipped from the Home Office in Cincinnati sponsored by LifeNets.

We are thankful to all LifeNets supporters who help us in various ways with various people in various places in the world!

Ivan Sobolev receiving shipment March 7, 2020 in Chenihev, Ukraine