Zambia Copperbelt UYC Camp August 2020

In these past traumatic months with so many recreational and educational opportunities cancelled for our youth, we are happy to report that our August 2020 United Youth Camp in Mufulira, Copperbelt region of Zambia took place August 16-23 to the delight of 68 children from several regions of the big country of Zambia.  Here is report submitted by deacon Rodrick Epomba with photos that give insight into what they did and learned.  This report show the various events within the camp program.

Location of Mufulira on Congo / Zambia border

Report United Youth Camp

August 16-23, 2020

At United Church of God Grounds

Mupambwe, Mufulira, Zambia

We would like to thank our Creator in heaven for making it possible to hold such a successful and fruitful youth camp.  This was in a trying and hard time as the world is shaken by the dangerous pandemic COVID-19. Would also like to thank our sponsors for the support they rendered to see that the 2O20 united youth camp was a successful gathering.

Mr and Mrs Pringle being our caring minister in the Lord, Mr Alfred Siame, and all the deacons and staff that made the camp nice and peaceful. We say “thank you” and the good Lord bless you all for your hard work and unity that you exhibited while in camp.

Purpose of the Meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to help the youths in the Church of God to learn the word of God and other survival skills. Not only that but also the purpose was to create an atmosphere of oneness in them as friendship is always created and made on such occasions. This year's camp theme was “Be Anchored to God.”  As a church, our duty is to see to it that all our members are anchored to God including youths as they are the future leaders.

When the meeting were held

Following the education calendar in this pandemic error was the trickiest part here in Zambia as schools have been closed while those in examination classes keep on attending classes. This forced the organizers to select 16th to 23nd August respectively as dates for the 2020 United Youth Camps so that it can at least allow a good number of youths to attend the 2020 UYC. 

Where did the Participants Come From?

This year was an awesome year as we saw people coming from almost all parts of the country. Participants came from Manyinga, Mufumbwe, Solwezi, lsoka, Kalunkanya, Lusaka and Mufulira which hosted the meetings.

Attendance per area

Manyinga 9
Mufumbwe 9
Solwezi 30
Isoka 8
Kalukanya 4
Lusaka 8

All the facilitators were well organized starting from the ablution blocks the dining hall, tents and the kitchen all these were sufficient enough to accommodate all the members in camp.

Venue was at the United Church of God Mufulira, Mupambe. All the facilitators were well organized starting from the ablution blocks the dining hall, tents and the kitchen all these were sufficient enough to accommodate all the members in camp.

We had a variety of speakers at this year's youth camp and so many lessons and life skills were introduced making the camp to be an interesting zone for all campers and staff - members.

For Christian Living we had pastor Alfred Siame, deacon Jonathan Litaba, deacon Luke Banda, deacon Rodrick Epomba

Life Skills

Lesson Tutor or Mentor
Career Planning

Financial Discipline

Health and Hygiene

Arts and Crafts


Tie and Die

R. Epomba

R. Epomba

Selina Banda

Mephias Kantumoya

Patricia Epomba

Selina Banda







Find Your Anchor

Set Your Anchor

Weather the Storm

Set Soul for Service to God

Finish the Voyage

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Psalms 37:5-6

Deuteronomy 31:6

Matthew 5:16

John 6:39


Camp was awesome and very interesting as we sw new games and new activities being introduced in camp.

We had new games like water in the dish, get wrong and shower also had other gamdes like tug of peace, soccer, volleyball, speedway dirty bottle race, need race plus many other games.

On Friday a day that was scheduled for outing it did not work accordingly due to some circumstances and COVID-99 measures.  Nevertheless, the day even became better  as a party was organized within the camp. It was full of music, dancing and fun. Therefore, the day was really good and well spent. At exeactly 16:30 the show came an end as all the staff and campers went to prepare for the Sabbath.


Of those years when people from all over Zambia came at one place for camp, and this year was almost the same as we saw people coming from all parts of the country.

The area at which camp was held is a very good place with enough space for al the required activities.  The 2020 UYC was one of the best camp attended before as it brought back the memories activities in camp, good ablution blocks, enough water not only that the sleeping arrangement was good as well. The area is also near the town center of Mufulira--this gives an advantage to the organizers, should there be anything lacking in camp.

Being at the center of the country can be an advantage to all the people and church members to attend camp and other events like Feast of Tabernacles from any part of Zambia as it will and can be cheaper when it comes to the cost of transport.

This year's camp has given us hope as leaders and organizers that indeed camp lessons are important to our campers so far receive message of encouragement from parents, confirming change and improvement in their children of which we are very grateful to hear about.

As we know, our mission is to train youths who are the future leader of tomorrow. This means we have to train as possible.

This year's camp had a lot of participants as compared to the 45 who attended last year. This is indeed good as it shows and sends a signal about the growth of the body of Christ (Church).

It is our prayer that next year, camp can be even bigger than this year's camp.  To all hard-working staff, deacons and ministers (Alfred Siame) we really thank you for all the support you rendered to the people while in camp and for making the 2020 Youth Camp a successful event.

Our pastor,and Mrs. Pringle, we thank you for trusting and giving us this opportunity to hold the camp, and not only that but also for the support you give us spiritually and physically. As we promised last time to do it even better, it was even bigger and better, though some problems were encountered here and there.


Looking at the increase of attendees at camp and FOT, we might need more mattresses, tents and plates.

The other thing that was talked about was the area behind the ablution blocks. If the Church can apply to the Council for that piece of land,it can be helpful especially for the construction of future dormitories. That piece of land can be for dormitories and is even nice for privacy.