Zambia Lopo Village Borehole Project

July 9, 2023

Filius Jere sent us some update photos of the most current LifeNets borehole project in Lopo, Zambia in the far east edge of the country.  

LifeNets is striving to provide food security, livelihood development as well as water that is essential for any entreprise. 

Here are some current photos of the project from this past well as some facts about the area that you may find interesting. 

We thank all who help us finance all these projects.  We know who we are working with. We expect the highest integrity. 

Here are some bullet points about the Lopo community and the borehole

Details about Lopo Community

1) group of 5 big villages at Zambia - Malawi border (Mwami).
2) Approximate population: 2,000
3) Members of UCG: 21 (since 2016)
4) Main source of water for drinking, cooking, bathing etc.: 2 old, manual operation, low-yield boreholes with frequent breakdowns. (Solar-powered would have fewer breakdowns).
5) Alternative sources of water: shallow hand-dug garden ponds of unclean and unsafe water shared with livestock. ,
6) Current situation of LifeNets borehole
a) First attempt 55 meters: yield zero water
b) Chose new site that yielded a lot of water starting at 20 meters down to 50 meters
c) Challenge: first 15 meters friable soil collapsing.
d) Remedy: steel pipes 20 meters

We finally got water this past week!

-- Filius Jere