Zimbabwe Food Relief May 2019

I received this report from Mike Mukarati, one of our two Zimbabwean elders on May 25, 2019. He lives in Mutare and serves half of the country. The other half of Zimbabwe is cared for by Mabasa Chichaya who I visited with last month in Blantyre, Malawi. He related the conditions in Zimbabwe and we have come to their aid.

-- Vic Kubik

From Mike Mukarati

This is a brief report on my visit to Gokwe to deliver food aid to our 42 brethren there.

I left my home in Mutare on Friday May 17, 2019 for Harare, where I conducted Sabbath services the next day May 18 with 11 people attending.

I then proceeded to Kwekwe city and then to Gokwe town the next day, Sunday May 19 where I met with deacon Vensen Moyo. We then proceeded together by mini bus to Manoti.

We had purchased sugar, cooking oil and dried kapenta fish in Gokwe town. We spent Sunday night at Manoti. The next day Monday May 20, were went about purchasing a tonne of maize at Manoti business centre and hiring transport to deliver the goods to Chemba Village, about 30 kilometres from Manoti. This is where Vensen and the brethren live.

I headed back to Kwekwe late Monday afternoon while Vensen proceeded to Chemba with the food items. We had agreed a formula for distributing the goods to each family according to the number of people in each household. Distribution has since been effected as per attached excel schedule. The brethren express their profound thanks. It means SO MUCH! The brethren were literally facing hunger.

Total cost of the food items was US $349 as follows: Maize $223, Cooking oil $66, Dried fish $29, Sugar $31.

  • Maize-kilograms: 1000
  • Sugar-kilograms: 40
  • Cooking Oil-litres: 32
  • Dried Fish-grams:8000

This first consignment of food aid should last about a month.

I plan to travel to Gokwe again a month later and combine food delivery with Bible study. This will be much appreciated by the brethren as in the past, I had managed only two visits per year.

Although fuel and food prices have gone up again by 50% soon after my visit to Gokwe, I believe with about US$450 to US$500 we should be able to purchase another similar batch of food items and also add dried sugar beans and a bit more kapenta fish for protein.

Best regards,