100 Chernihiv children taken to safety in Western Ukraine

Good afternoon, Victor and Beverly.

Thank God all the kids came. On the way, the bus they were riding on from Chernihiv broke down, so they were transferred to three smaller buses in Kyiv and arrived safely.

The children have already settled in, are very happy and grateful to everyone who came to make this possible.

The kids really like the food, territory, nature, entertainment. Today they were given a tour of the Aqua Park. Kids are full of emotions from these activities. 

Orientation Sunday June 26

The children were taken out of Chernihiv region very much in time, because the next night the Russians launched missiles near their previous location, more than 40 missiles were fired across Ukraine that night. Fortunately in some places air defense worked and several missiles were shot down, but there were victims in Rivne, Kyiv and other cities as a result of the rockets. Fortunately, by this time the children were already in safer location and did not hear the explosions of those missiles and did not witness any damage.

I will keep you posted on how things are going.

Regarding another institution with 44 children with special needs, they are also well placed, but there are some difficulties that we are working on. This is a state institution and now it is difficult to finance, so we were asked to provide children with meat products and vegetables and fruits.

We try to meet their needs by our own efforts and look for donors who could join the provision of these children so as not to limit them in quality nutrition.

Thank you again for your tremendous contribution to providing these children with quality recreation.

May God bless you! I will inform you about the course of events 🙂

Vladislav Yurishko

Steps to bomb shelter at the camp

Bomb Shelter

Deadly rocket attack in Kiev on Sunday morning, June 26 after the children had passed through.