War Damage to Dwellings in Chernihiv to “Revival” Employees

Employee Natasha Derkach perished along with her husband in Russian artillery attack last month.

June 16, 2022

Dear Victor and Beverly,

Allow me to provide updated data on the destroyed and damaged housing of the employees of our Center during the massive bombing and shelling of our city by rockets and shells by the Russian occupiers.

A total of 42 families were affected, in four of them - houses were completely destroyed:

1. Natasha DERKACH - an accountant, she died of shrapnel wounds incompatible with life. Her husband was seriously injured - he died in hospital without regaining consciousness. He is survived by his son, who was working in Poland at the time.

2. Volodymyr YUVCHYK - a worker of the economic service, received an injury, and contusion, was in the hospital and has now started work.

3. Oksana STUPUN - a cook, during the active hostilities lived in the Center, working around the clock with two other employees of the food side, preparing food for 90-100 people who at that time found social shelter in the Center.

4. Valentina POPLAVSKA, a palliative care nurse, is currently working.


In all other 38 families, apartments or houses have damage of various degrees - windows, doors, walls, roof, other property.

Renovating housing costs a lot. We do not aim to compensate them completely, but we need to provide at least a little help so that these people can meet the winter cold with full windows and doors, given the amount of damage. And to make them feel that they are not left alone with their problems. We plan to provide them with assistance from 10 thousand to 40 thousand hryvnias (for this we need about 19 - 22 thousand dollars). We will be grateful for any amount for financial assistance to our employees.

We send you photos of Natasha Derkach, who died, as well as photos of destroyed and damaged buildings.

With love and gratitude,
Vasily, Natalia, all employees of the Center