Mukumbuta Nawa Talama Graduates as Medical Doctor

A wonderful achievement for Mukumbuta Nawa Talama graduated on November 6, 2020, as a medical doctor in Lusaka, Zambia. Zambia, a country of more than 17 million people. Only about 50 new doctors are graduated every year and Mukumbuta is one of them.  Our heartfelt congratulations! 
Her father, Major Nawa Talama writes the following:
The President LifeNets Intl - Beverly Kubik, 
Dear Madam, 
We write on behalf of the Talama family and indeed on our own behalf to officially report to you that one of your LifeNets Students, Mukumbuta Nawa Talama has successfully completed medical studies and graduated as a Medical doctor on the 06th November 2020, in Lusaka, Zambia
Our family would like to sincerely thank you and President Victor Kubik for the scholarship you offered to help our daughter to undergo a 07-year medical course.  It is so hard to express our gratitude to both of you on this piece of paper as we look back to the numerous material and financial support you rendered to us. For this reason, we can only pray to our living God to grant you good health and long life. 
Further, we give kudos to the Kubiks, LifeNets Intl, and indeed to all those who donate finances to this Noble cause. The support you gave us will go a long way as the services of a doctor touches many lives of people. Equally, her status and Livelihood will change greatly. 
Finally, we will always be indebted to Presidents Victor and Beverly Kubik for their kindness and love. 
To the Donors, we would like to encourage them to continue to stretch their giving hands to fund LifeNets Intl. LifeNets helps the poor in various ways such as: Scholarships, Livelihood grants, Sinking boreholes for clean water for both human beings and their domestic animals and also funding patients for their medications. 
With these few words, we ask you to accept our sincere gratitude. 
Attached herewith are pictures for your retention. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
-- Major and Felicia Talama