A Special Scholarship Story from the Philippines


Thank You….

LifeNets International

Zephanie Ann Mhyrr Verde Elementary Grade

March 25, 2022

This is an inspiring story of a special needs student with autism who has shown great improvement to the joy of her teachers and family.  We would like to share her story with you as told by her teacher and her parents.

First, a note from her teacher:

"I've been Zephanie's teacher for two years (Grades 4&6). I've seen how eager she was in answering her PACEs, how she shows off her talent in singing and drawing, how she made our hearts melt whenever she's making a card with sweet messages for her teachers and classmates.

"I've also witnessed the time when she was very frustrated because I forced her to do the Math problems on her PACE. She dislikes Math a lot, but I appreciate her efforts in learning and understanding how to solve the equations. This is where you can see how she persevere in school. I remember the time when I gave her a yellow slip (a yellow paper given to students who violate school rules) for not scoring properly in Math. That day, she cried a lot because she really hates receiving that kind of paper. I took that opportunity to explain to her that what she did was not right and she shouldn't do it again. This also made her realize her mistakes, humbly accepted her mistakes and didn't do it anymore. Now, I can say that Zephanie has improved a lot mentally, emotionally, and socially. I've known her to be an introverted student, but school helped her how to get along with other kids.

"Her improvements inspire me and the other teachers to appreciate and give more attention to our students with special needs who are every day improving and striving in life. Her situation made us (teachers) understand that teaching isn't just for students who are intellectually gifted but is beyond that. I am forever grateful for Zephanie's life. She has been God's gift to us and our source of inspiration. I am praying for God's favour in her future endeavor."

Teacher Charity

Living Stones International School

From her parents:

"As parents, we want to express our deepest gratitude towards LifeNets for granting Mm’s scholarship support for 5 years. Without you, attaining her Elementary education wouldn’t be possible. We consider this as one of her milestones in life as a child with autism. Your non-stop support helped our daughter made a big difference. The knowledge and skills she attained from school were really overwhelming and as parents, we are proud of what she has become. Once again, we appreciate and can’t thank you enough Lifenets, Mr. and Mrs. Kubik, Mr. Gilbert Javier, and Mr.Bong Remo for giving our daughter this great opportunity that we’ll never forget. May our Almighty Father bless LifeNets more. Thank you very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Joenel Verde Bacolod City, Philippines