April 10 with Refugees in Khust, Ukraine

We have been friends with our Transcarpathian brothers in western Ukraine since 1991, the year that Ukraine became an independent country.  We have helped with education, youth camps, street children, medical, dental, and more.  We have traveled there many times since. Now, the people in this area who live close to the borders of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland are helping the refugees coming from the battered eastern cities to find their way to safety in Europe and beyond.  Here is a photo report of just one day, Sunday, April 10, 2022.  The key people in this effort in Khust, Ukraine are the Yurishko family.  Vlad Yurishko has been a student at Ambassador Bible College in 2018. 

These photos show the work of the church in Khust as it provides meals to the refugees. The church has provided food and shelter for people streaming in from the east before they are further relocated to Europe. 

In 2007 LifeNets donated this mini-bus to the "Light of Love" Christian Brotherhood in neighboring Vinogradov. It is now being used to ferry mothers and children across the border to Romania and Slovakia through Uzhgorod.    

In the west where all this is taking place...

Photos below show Kyril and Zarah from Odesa with their children staying temporarily at Ivan and Nina Yurishko's home in Khust before being transported by the LifeNets van to the Romanian border about an hour away. 

Group from Chernihiv that went on through Uzhgorod to Slovakia and then on to Belgium.

Arrival in Romania

This is Kirill and Zarina with their children from Odesa. There is also a disabled couple from Kyiv province.

Vlad in the van