August 14, 2022 at Summer Camp in Ukraine

August 19, 2022

We have received this report about our two-month camp in Transcarpathia for about 100 children from a war environment in Chernihiv.  This photo report is about activities on Sunday, August 14.  Twenty local children refugees also joined in with them.  This report comes from Vlad Yurishko and Ivan Palchey, the pastor of the "Salvation Church" in Khust that oversees the activities of the camp in nearby Shayan. Here is the report:

I think that you are closely following the news that is happening in Ukraine, so I would not like to write a lot about unpleasant realities.

We pray for people who are in danger, that God will help people survive the winter, especially those who were left without gas and electricity due to the war. We continue to pray that the Lord will stop the enemy.

We are still living in wartime, often sirens, unpleasant news, dead soldiers are being brought to town as well as refugees who have lost their relatives, homes, everything they had.  There are not many joys. But at the same time, there is something to be happy about. On Sunday, August 14, we (Church of Salvation) spent a wonderful day with children from Chernihiv. We organized both groups of children (in total there were 100 children from Chernihiv) as well as children of refugees living with us (another 20 children). It was a really interesting and enjoyable day.

We started our meeting as children of God with a prayer that the Lord would protect everyone, and at the end of the day we saw God's mercy because no one was injured and everything went well. We have prepared a program for children in the form of children's Christian songs with movements, glorification, an interesting story about Jesus Christ, games, fruits, ice cream and many games with children.

Pastor Ivan Palchey 

The children were VERY satisfied and happy with the camp experience. They are very grateful to LifeNets, to every person who made the children's dreams come true.  I thank everyone on behalf of the children for an amazing summer camp experience funded by LifeNets.

Vlad Yurishko

This is what the children now have to return to in Chernihiv.