Wheelchair makes wedding sweet for father

August 18, 2022

Our LifeNets Wheelchair Program has its stories of joy.  This one touched us.  This is a testimonial from a man who requested a wheelchair for his brother, Bill, who suffered from a blood clot and stroke:

Your wheelchair is a wonderful gesture and gift at a time that is overwhelming to all friends & family. Bill is my younger brother by two years. He will be 65 on November 3rd. A blood clot on Bill’s left side of the brain has put him in need of a wheelchair. The ischemic stroke left him without the use of the right side of his body. The stroke has had a life altering effect on everyone. But, the wheelchair has given everyone comfort and he was able to use it at his only daughter’s wedding.



The LifeNets Wheelchair Program has been operating in the United States since the year 2000.  You can read about our program  https://lifenets.org/wheelchair and http://lifenetswheelchairproject.org.

In 2021, the LifeNets Wheelchair Project was able to help those suffering from MS, paralysis, COPD, etc. by transferring wheelchairs and other medical devices all over the US. We had another great year in matches which totaled 65 including medical beds, all types of wheelchairs, hoyer lifts, ramps and more.

Michael Kubik
Wheelchair Coordinator