Beverly Chonde LifeNets Student in Malawi

September 21, 2021

Beverly Chonde is currently doing her 3rd year Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, and part of the training she has started producing programmes for the College TV Station and Radio.  Below are some of the pictures sent to us.  She is enjoying her course. Her grades are also very encouraging.  It will be worth noting that the College she is attending is African Bible College where some of the core courses include Biblical understanding, which is very good for today’s generation.

My wife Beverly and I are so happy for Bev's namesake whom we have known from birth. She is doing well at ABC (African Bible College) and on her way to a career in journalism!
-- Victor Kubik

Beverly Chonde presentation a Radio program

Beverly Chonde doing TV presentation with a colleague

Beverly Chonde doing interviews at Lilongwe Gateway Mall

Everyone in life has a goal or let’s call it a dream. My dream was quite different, while some kids dreamt about becoming doctors, teachers, pilots, and etcetera; me, on the other hand, I wanted to live in the TV screen and that was my dream.

Beverly Chonde: Studio TV Shooting is part of the training

It was during one evening, I sat with my mother in the living room. My mother was busy watching the TV as Tamara Chafunya was anchoring the news on Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC) by then Television Malawi (TVM) while I on the other hand was not getting anything from the news; I just enjoyed my mother’s company. Even though I was just there seated the other part of me was in another world wondering how people get to be seen on TV screens. I then popped a question to my mother “do those people we see on TV live inside the TV screen?” I asked looking all confused. My mother responded while laughing at my silly question “yes they do” she answered that way just to stop me from asking any further questions because I was that kind of a child who never got tired of asking questions. With my mother’s response, I was like “really mum, then I also want to live in our TV screen like them”. My mother then looked at me with a smile on her face and said “you have to grow up first and work hard at school and I shall later let you open my screen and live inside it”. With joy written all over my face I shouted “yeeeeeh!” from that day onwards I dedicated my life at school so that someday I would be able to live in the TV screen.

That was my dream when I was 6 years old; as I grew up I realized that it wasn’t actually about entering the TV screen so that someone can be seen on TV. I realized it was about being behind the camera. I also discovered that my dream was not only about being behind the camera; I wanted a lot. I discovered that I loved stories, uncovering the truth, being observant and speaking as well. I wanted to become the voice of the voiceless, I wanted to bring out issues that affect our daily lives through my career; to speak out. That is why today I am at African Bible College pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

My journey in Mass Communication at ABC hasn’t been easy but it is exciting because I am finally doing what I have always dreamt of. At the beginning of all it, I thought of quitting or just changing my major because mass communication involved a lot. Waking up at 3 am every day to open the station while my fellow students are having their beauty sleep not only just that sometimes writing a script just for your senior to call it trash, funny I know. Sometimes waking up without any idea of what I will write about for that day’s news or without anything to speak about on the Radio. Indeed, I thought that was the end of my journey. I would go in the TV studios but I literally didn’t know how to operate the camera and my producer being there expecting a lot from me while I don’t know what to do. With all that I went through during my learning process, I realized that there is no sweet without sweat and that determination is the key. Eventually, I started to work extra harder asking people who seemed to know more to help me through the journey. I started loving what I do and little by little am getting there. One thing I love the most is being behind the microphone and in front of the camera; which is being on radio and TV. It is quite an experience. I get to educate, motivate, encourage, inspire, raise awareness and elevate someone’s mood. Going into the streets interviewing different people, I get to learn a lot as well. Radio and TV have given me the power to shape people’s perceptions. All in all, I enjoy what I do knowing that I am the reason someone is smiling today because of what I just said on the radio or maybe on TV. Having good response from listeners that they enjoy my programs it’s an inspiration, it makes me happy. In short with my career I do have fun, the kind of fun the Bible advocates for; that is fun without penalties. one thing people don’t realize is that; you have fun in helping someone find his lost hope. My motto is: fun is fun if it is still fun the following day.