Boise Scooter Headed to Portland

May 25, 2023

by Debbie Bensinger

As spring began to arrive in Idaho, Dorothy contacted the LifeNets Wheelchair Project with a gently used scooter to donate. Local friends of LifeNets in Boise picked up the scooter and plan to deliver it to a recipient in Portland, Oregon. 


Noam and father David load wheelchair for Portland

Though immune-compromised from chemotherapy, Dorothy greeted the volunteers warmly and directed the pick-up. We thank Dorothy for her generous donation, and appreciate her willingness to give the gift of enhanced mobility to someone in need.

Since 1999 LifeNets has facilitated mobility by matching donated wheelchairs with needy recipients who cannot afford or qualify for wheelchairs. The organization networks with medical missionary organizations and individuals in the United States to access and provide donated wheelchairs.

We do not put a price on the wheelchairs; asking only that the recipient make arrangements to pick up the chair or pay shipping charges, if and when it is necessary.

You can learn more about this Wheelchair Foundation-endorsed non-profit organization at

If you have a new or used wheelchair or scooter you’d like to donate, (and receive a tax deduction for it), or if you or someone you know needs one, please contact coordinator Mike Kubik at