Terror in Western Ukraine

Vlad Yurishko, ABC student 2018-19 sent me this report from his brother-in-law Paul in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine about the Russian drone attack on Saturday, May 13, 2023 on his city.  Paul and Marina live in Khmelnitsky and witnessed this nearby attack.  Prayers for protection take on a greater meaning.  Paul was one of our LifeNets workers in Khust distributing aid as shown in a photo.  

Paul and Marina with two-week old Daniel

Paul, Marina and Daniel

Damaged school

Fireball from nearby explosions

May 13, 2023

Greetings, brother Victor and Beverly.

This Saturday morning is not a quiet one for everyone.

This morning I received some unpleasant news from my wife's brother. He and his wife and two-week-old baby live in the city of Khmelnytsky, which was attacked by four Russian drones at 4:00 am today.

Explosions and blast waves damaged the residential area where they live. In total, 11 people in Khmelnitsky were injured in the attack.

For several hours, Pavlo and his family hid in the basement and were fortunately unharmed, though some windows and doors in their house were damaged. Other houses and a nearby school were more heavily damaged.

We are grateful to God for sparing their lives, but we ask you to pray for continued protection and for this senseless war to end.

PS. By the way, Paul also came to Khust to help with LifeNets projects last summer.

Paul and Marina with newborn

Paul in Khust

Damaged school from drone attack