Sara Tembo Graduates in Zambia with Degree in Education

Hello Madam Beverly,
I write in respect of the above subject matter. I would like to report that Sara Tembo a LifeNets scholarship student graduated on 24th May, 2023 at the university of Zambia with a bachelor's degree in Education (Teaching).
Attached hereto are the graduation photos and also her letter of appreciation for what LifeNets has done for her. I equally want to register my gratitude to you and the entire LifeNets international for the financial support rendered to all our Zambian children. 
For that we wish you God's blessings, protection and long life as you continue to serve mankind world over.
Our sincere regards to you & Victor Kubik.
Nawa & Felicia Talama

Lusaka, Zambia.
24th May, 2023.

Dear madam,

I want to formally and sincerely thank you for the financial support that you as the Lifenets
sponsor provided me with throughout my tertiary academic journey. With my heart full of
gratitude, I am hereby thanking you Mrs kubik and the Lifenets personnel here in Lusaka Zambia
for the great work you did in supporting my education.

It is a dream of most young people to attain tertiary education from the highest learning
institution here in Zambia, that is the university of Zambia, where I have graduated from and
have been awarded the bachelor's degree in arts with education. I must mention that, I am so
grateful for making my dream come true through your financial support.

Gratitude is one of the characters that anyone who strives to live a Christ like life should portray,
and so I am writing this letter expressing my inner gratitude not only to you as a sponsor but also
the Almighty God having created you and doing great works through you to his children like me.
Without going on and on with too much words, I want to take a moment to say thank you once
again for supporting my academic journey, not forgetting the big day ( my graduation) I looked
forward to as I pushed through the challenges that I faced. Above all I thank the Almighty God.
Finally, I would like to say God bless you and continue doing the great work.

Yours faithfully,

Sara Tembo