Borehole in Chipata, Zambia

Filius Jere writes to us from Chipata, Zambia where we visited a few months ago about the long-awaited borehole that will provide water for 200 rural households: 

No more water blues for 200 rural households in Zambia for safe drinking and generation of agro-income throughout year. Thanks, LifeNets! 

I have just docked in after meeting Pastor Lewis VanAusdle (Malawi) at the border. I will compile a report of the borehole this evening and touch on all the points you have mentioned.

However, the whole project has yet to be completed. We are now starting on the construction of the platform. After that, the plumbing. Then 200 households around our Church site will have safe water. But that should not be all because we plan to start teaching school drop-outs about conservation farming.