Changing of the Guard of LifeNets in Australia

The Management Committee of LifeNets Australia has a new look. When LifeNets was incorporated in July 2016, Tom Burchard was appointed as President, and Bill Eddington as Secretary. Both had a long history with LifeNets from its small beginnings in 2001. Tom stepped down in December 2020 and his place was taken by Breen Schipke who was a member of the Management Committee. Now, Bill has stepped down, and his position taken by Ruth Root, also a member of the Committee.

Ruth Root

Bill Eddington

Breen Schipke

Both Breen and Ruth have a strong commitment to the work of LifeNets and this "changing of the guard" will provide not only continuity, but fresh thinking on its activities. This has already been reflected in the creation of website and Facebook features and a submission to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission for LifeNets Australia to be endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. This endorsement, will enable donors to claim their financial contributions as an offset against their taxable income.

It is hoped that all of these initiatives will enable LifeNets Australia to broaden its activities in helping people and communities in the less developed parts of the world.