Chernihiv Ukraine Report June 11, 2022

We have received reports with news and photos that I'd like to share with you. I'd also like to thank all of you who are helping out in the relief efforts in northern and western Ukraine. It is so much needed to help people whose lives and homes are shattered in a war that will rage on for some time brining on more and more destruction and death.

How you can help.

This report is from a June 11, 2022 letter from Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk in Chernihiv, Ukraine that shows the reality of the war experienced by the local people, in this case by graduating high school students.  We were touched by the photos of these people's courage and resilience celebrating graduation in the face of ever-present danger and death. 

The last school day -- Graduating seniors atop of a destroyed Russian tank in the middle of Chernihiv.

Prom photo of young lady in Kharkiv ruins. Life will not stop!

Dear Victor and Beverly!

Let me sincerely thank you for your great help to Ukrainian children for 26 years! You came to us with help after the Chernobyl disaster, as a result of which our children's disability increased more than three times compared to the pre-accident period. To improve the fate of such children, the first comprehensive rehabilitation center for children with disabilities in Ukraine was established in Chernihiv, one of the best centers in Europe. You have helped all these years of its development and functioning. You involve many benefactors from your beautiful country in this noble cause. Many thanks also to them.

On February 24 this year, great trouble came to us - Putin, with his fascist clique, started a war against Ukraine with the intention of destroying its democratic European direction of development. In Chernihiv, bombing and rocket fire destroyed many homes, schools, kindergartens and more. The most important thing is that children, people, and soldiers die. Now the war has moved to the east and south of Ukraine. It is relatively quiet in Chernihiv now, but every night the enemy fires on the border areas of our region from their territory. Mortars, artillery, and rockets were fired seven times last night.Thank you for helping us to take children from these areas to the Transcarpathian region.

Our Center has already resumed the rehabilitation of children, it is attended not only by children with disabilities, but also those who suffered psychological trauma during the bombing and siege of our city. Today there are more than 100 children in the Center.

We have another serious problem - the damaged property of our 41 workers, three of whom were left completely homeless (their houses were destroyed and burned to the ground), the rest were damaged by the blast wave windows, doors, roof, walls… Please, if possible, provide some help these wonderful people and good professionals. Our team, as always, provides highly qualified assistance to children, children from other regions of Ukraine - Poltava, Kyiv, etc. also come to us.

Ukraine is grateful to your country and your compatriots for their significant assistance in the fight against Putin's fascist gang, racist Russia, especially for the land lease. The Ukrainian people will never forget the death of our children and many civilians, glorious soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, completely destroyed by our beautiful cities, villages, our ancient Chernihiv by the racist invasion.

We will continue to do good deeds with you.

With love, gratitude and respect,
Vasily, Natalia, Natasha, our whole team "Revival."