Troubling Report from Western Ukraine June 14, 2022 from Vlad Yurishko

June 17, 2022

Working on the distribution process to the villages. Vladislav Yurishko on right.

Western Ukraine was our safer part of the county in this war, however, the Russians are beginning indiscriminate shelling in the Carpathian Mountains.  Our LifeNets support team has been helping people here also.  Many have left.  There is no work.  No money, little food.  Uncertainty in their personal lives as the Russians continue to make war on civilians.  Vladislav Yurishko writes this report from Khust, Ukraine to let us know what we are faced with. 

Once again, we thank all who are helping provide funding to help these people with food. We will be sending children from the Chernihiv for relief from the direct bombing of their city.  A Gallery of photos at the bottom shows the relief work that is being done in this area.  

We are glad that we can be helping in Ukraine where most of the people still are and are suffering. 

Report from Vlad Yurishko:

June 14, 2022

Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Kubik.

I haven't written to you in a long time. I want to tell you a little bit about what is happening here.

Today, several missile strikes have already been launched on the western regions. Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, and Lviv regions were shelled. Unfortunately, there are victims. Intelligence also reports a very large concentration of enemy equipment in Belarus on the border with Ukraine.

Some return to their lands at the risk of their lives, hoping that everything will end soon. But it is too early to draw conclusions. Every day the situation worsens in Luhansk, Donetsk regions, occupiers are closer to Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and the extremely difficult situation in Kherson.

Many people have come from these areas and do not know when they will be able to return.

Unfortunately, it looks like the war will be long and exhausting. People are worried about how they will spend the winter because there are almost no jobs, borders are closed and men cannot go to work in the EU to support their families.

But we do not lose heart, for our hope is in the Lord. Thank God for all those who have donated money for the necessary food through LifeNets for those who suffered from the war. Refugees are very grateful for this help, and say it is very important to them. Unfortunately, our resources will not be enough even for a few days to help refugees, if it were not for people with good hearts we could not do what we do.

A small number of refugees live in state-run urban and rural institutions, but the vast majority live with caring Ukrainians in rural areas. Ukrainian peasants are very hospitable people 🙂 especially Christians.

I'll give you some numbers and photos.

Over the past time, we have purchased food with LifeNets moneu and distributed it to at least 800 people.

We visit the following villages according to the schedule:

• Кіреші,
• Бороняво,
• Нанково,
• Копашнево,
• Нижнє Селище,
• Кошелево,
• Горінчево,
• Монастирець,
• Нижній Бистрий,
• Крива,
• Золотарево,
• Данилово,
• Липча,
• Липецька Поляна,
• Довге.

In addition, we now have 35 people living in the church building.

You and Beverly have to remember visiting Shayan with us. Thanks to LifeNets funding, there were many health camps for low-income and religious children. At this time, we decided to change priorities and provide such an opportunity to visit the camp for children from Chernihiv region.

Children who saw the war with their own eyes, heard explosions, some lost their parents, some were left with deep emotional traumas - they are in dire need of rehabilitation and rest.

Therefore, we have already found a place where you can hold a camp for 100 children from Chernihiv region in Transcarpathia in the village. Rakos is very close to the Romanian border. We hope that this place is safe at this time, although we do not know what will happen tomorrow because the enemy is getting closer…

We are VERY grateful for the support of the LifeNets Foundation, thanks to which about 4,000 Ukrainians received assistance. We hope that together with all of you (who work with the LifeNets Foundation) we will help even a small number of children to be distracted from the terrible circumstances in which they were forced.

May the Lord bless everyone for their contribution and share in these good deeds!

God bless you,

Vladislav Yuishko.