International  Day of Protection For People with Disabilities

December 4, 2022
We are sobered and elated as we admire the resilience of the Ukrainian people functioning in the middle of a war and the continual danger from rocket and missile attacks. This is from Chernihiv, where the "Revival" Centre for disabled children continues to provide care for 100 children providing therapy. They function now with the disruption of electricity, gas and water. Yet, they go on. Amid their darkness, their brave staff continued to serve. One of the staff earlier in the year was killed by an exploding shell. Here are photos of from the International Day of Protection for People With Disabilities on Friday, December 2, 2022.
Here is their report with photos.
From the "Revival" Centre in Chernihiv, Ukraine.  
Dear friends 
Today at the "Revival" Centre we were celebrating the International  Day of Protection for People with Disabilities. Children were playing, singing songs, dancing and got presents.
These positive emotions are so important nowadays for children. They look happy and their parents could share the joy together with them.
With great love,
Vasyl, Natalia, children and staff from Revival 

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