More Bread Stories from Ukraine

December 5, 2022
This is a photo of bread made by Vitalik for refugees living in the temporary shelter of the Church of Salvation, as well as for those refugees who come from other shelters to get bread. The three bread machines that we brought on Friday with the funds of LifeNets are in our warehouse, the next group of ministers will go to the Kherson region in the middle of this month, and they will take one oven to the rehabilitation center in the Zhytomyr region, then people from the village where the rehabilitation center is located, will be able to come to the rehabilitation center to get bread. The second stove will be handed over to the community in the Kherson region, so that Christians can provide bread to fellow villagers who are left without electricity, gas and water.
And the third oven will be located in the village. Rokosovo in the church that you have visited several times. Bread will also be baked here for the refugees at the same time. The fact is that due to power outages, bakeries are unable to produce enough bread.
These are our plans and we hope that by God's grace it will turn out that way.
God bless you,
Vladislav Yurishko.