Dec 14 Ukraine Winter Stove Missions

December 14, 2022

Vladislav Yurishko from Ukraine writes this report about the latest humanitarian outreach from western Ukraine to places East, particularly in Izym which was just liberated from the Russians.  They have travelled to Kharkiv to help out as well. They brought back stoves and supplies from Germany because prices for these items are outrageous in Ukraine.  It is an 11 hour drive from Germany to Western Ukraine.  People in Germany have generously supported the our people carrying out their work. 

From Vlad Yurishko:

Greetings dear Victor and Beverly. Now we are back in Germany to collect necessary things for people in Eastern Ukraine. When people hear about the donations of other caring people, when we tell the local population about the work of LifeNets, there are those who are inspired and also join the charity to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

German brethren providing help

In Germany

In this case, the van belonging to LifeNets is very useful for us. In addition to the things that we buy at the expense of LifeNets, we also collect things from caring Germans, and we deliver them to Ukraine, and our other friends, brothers from the church, deliver it to hot spots close to the front line to help those who need it.

Here is the van that LifeNets purchased in Germany

We purchased these two stoves for the donations of a family from Idaho. But thanks to the LifeNets van, we will be able to deliver it to Ukraine to needy families along with other cargo of the LifeNets Foundation.

Today we received feedback from our team that went to the East (the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region, which until recently was under occupation) with humanitarian aid at the expense of LifeNets. According to them, people are in great need. In the video you can even see some of the locals fighting for fruit.

We have given people a lot of warm clothes, things for children, food packages, hygiene products, sweets, etc... Among them are candles (1000 pcs) that we bought at the expense of UCG Germany. In total we bought 3000 candles to give them to people who have been without electricity and gas for a long time. It would seem that this is such a small thing, but when a person spends a lot of time in the dark and cold, it supports people morally, people are very grateful for the candles.

We try to analyze the market in Europe and Ukraine in order to buy products and other necessary things at favorable prices so as not to overpay. For example, now in Ukraine due to the great demand and shortage, flashlights, candles, batteries, etc. have become very expensive, so we try to deliver such things from Germany.



Sign warning of mines

A mine uncoveredd

Humanitarian aid

Destroyed Russian trucks

Delivered food

Destroyed tank