Coloring Book About Ukraine for all ages 3 and up!

December 15, 2023

I want to tell you about a special book authored by our niece and nephew Heather Gidcumb and Colin Kubik. It is a coloring book that highlights Ukrainian culture called Colorful Ukraine.

It has made quite an impression on its release. It debuted with some startling statistics. On Amazon it was the top new release in “Children’s Customs and Traditions Books” It was also top new release in “Cities and Architecture Coloring Book for Grown-Ups” and number 73 in overall “European History Books."

Every page has a short description both in English as well as Ukrainian. Heather started this project last year about how to give back to Ukrainians hurting through the war as well as having a desire to teach others about the beauty within Ukraine. It features 25 unique drawings that highlight Ukrainian culture and traditions. You can see a reel of the book here that shows what it looks like inside.

30% of all profits will be donated to the "Revival Center" in Chernihiv through LifeNets. The book can be ordered on Amazon here.

Speaking of Chernihiv, where we worked with the "Revival" Centre of Rehabilitation for Disabled Children, the city center was rocketed with a hypersonic missile on Saturday, August 19. Our Center is located 500 yards from where the missile struck. It killed seven people and injured another 111 that included children. None of our children or staff at "Revival" were hurt.

In this wearying time of war dragging on for the past year a half we have continued to provide support for the vulnerable, such as the elderly and children in the war zones, notably Kherson. You can read our updated stories on the LifeNets War Blog.