Nov 2023 LifeNets Missions to Ukraine War Zones

December 13, 2023
From Vlad Yurishko this report of LifeNets Ukraine:
In November 2023, LifeNets sent two trucks with aid to Ukraine.
The cargo included:
Food, hygiene products, detergents, incontinence products, medicines, bandages, mattresses, kits with various household items, washing machines, refrigerators, warm clothes, blankets, candles, devices for heating and cooking in war conditions, and means of transportation for people with disabilities.

And many other things that are needed by people who have suffered from the war and lost their homes.


It's going on two years and the war is wearying for the people in it, and for all of us who are supporting and trying to stay positive among a weary public that does not even want to hear about the suffering. 

We are praying for the war to end...but in the meantime are working together to supply life-sustaining goods as we head into the heart of the winter.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.  Donate from the home page of this website. 

-- Vic Kubik