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June 12, 2023

Less than a weeks ago, on June 6,  the Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River was blown up and water has spilled downsteram flooding towns and villages, notably Kherson near the mouth of Dnieper. The city has suffered immensely over the past year with Russian occupation, then liberation, then a hard winter that  have reported that on this blog. https://lifenets.org/category/ukraine-war/

Now this!

In speaking with our Western Ukrainian contact Ivan Yurishko, he told me this morning that this action by the Russians is worse than a rocket attach that brings limited damage to a city.  Flooding an entire city is far worse as toxic water rises 10 - 20 feet destroying houses.  On top of that the Russians were continuing to lob shells into these distressed areas.  

LifeNets and the Salvation Church are sending a convoy of vans to Kherson from Khust. to aid as many people as they can.  They know that their aid is limited, but they are doing what they can.  Today we have wired money for for more supplies.  The photos show what is being collected for transport to Ukraine from Germany.  In our telephone conversations the tension of the events is mounting.  The question is "How can Putin be inventing more things to cause such suffering and why is God not able to stop Putin?"    There will be an end.  But this is the world we live in and why our prayer "Your Kingdom Come" becomes more pronounced.

Yesterday, June 11, I received this note from Vlad Yurishko, Ivan's son about conditions:

Good evening, Victor and Beverly.

Another disaster has struck Ukraine with the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam.

City of Kherson on June 5 and June 7 after the dam break.

On Thursday, 06/08/23, we sent a van with humanitarian aid from Germany to Khust. Then on Tuesday, June 13, brothers from Salvation Church, Rokosovo church and volunteers from LifeNets Foundation will travel to Kherson in a convoy to help the water victims.

Many cities have been deprived of centralized water supply for many years. Mykolaiv is without water again, as is Kryvyi Rih. After the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, irrigation systems will not work. What does it mean to leave the south of Ukraine without an irrigation system? It means no crops and a direct blow to food security. The consequences of this will be felt not only in Ukraine but all over the world.
The brothers will take the humanitarian aid to the village of Kamyshany near Kherson, and from there it will be distributed to those who need it. This is not much for so many victims, but we are doing what we can.

We ask you to pray for the protection of the brothers on this trip, as the occupiers continue to shell them.


Packing a truck in Germany to go to Ukraine. Ivan Yurishko on left and Vlad Yurishko on right

From May 15 to the present flooding

Flodded village on the banks of the Dnieper River