Thanks from Kherson to LifeNets for Bread Ovens

Since late 2022 we have been manufacturing bread ovens that could be used for heating.  LifeNets set up a small factory in Rokosova, Ukraine among people we have worked with for 30 years. They delivered these ovens to war-stricken zones in Ukraine.  Below is a report from Vlad Yurishko about appreciation shown by Kherson residents.   

June 9, 2023

Good afternoon.

Today (May 15) we received a letter of thanks from the city of Kherson.

Recently, our friends delivered another oven from the LifeNets manufacturing base in the village of Rokosovo (Zakarpattia region) to the city of Kherson, where the Christian church serves the local population.

The city of Kherson is constantly under fire, so there is often no electricity in the city. The wood-fired bread oven from LifeNets helps the brothers and sisters to provide bread to the church members and the local population affected by the war.

Here is the video they sent us today: