Manyinga, Zambia Solar Pump Working!

June 8, 2023

Derrick Pringle writes:  

Dear Bev,

Thank you so much. This is a big step forward for Manyinga. Now with that and the security fence we put up I can consider doing something with the grounds like a citrus orchard or gum plantation.

All the very best to you and Vic,



Rodrick Epomba writes:

We had a very successful trip down Manyinga where we had gone to do the solar pump Installation.

Previously the people of Manyinga had a borehole which they used for a good number of years but of late water started changing colour due to some rust in the pipes. This is now a thing of the past as they celebrate and rejoice after receiving 2 solar panels, 5,000lt tank and a pump.

We are so grateful to LifeNets for the donation and people of Manyinga are saying thank you and May God bless you.

Had some challenges putting the tank up and this forced us to ask for a foke lift to come to our aid some Chinese were saying we wait for Sunday when they have less work in there work shops but thank God another company can to help us at a fee of K700 and team that came to remove the pump charged K500. Then the door and door frame to the room where the control box is K800 (door frame K500, door K300).

Rodrick Epomba

Solar Panels on Roof

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