Give a Little Love

On occasion, LifeNets is happy to give support to other charities.  We are thankful over the years to have received support and recognition ourselves from charities as workers together to help disadvantaged people in difficult circumstances. One such charity is Give a Little Love Foundation in Australia. Their website is where you can see the current work they do. 

Ruth Root

Ruth Root

I would like to share this report from Ruth Root, Office Manager of the United Church of God National Office in the Brisbane area:

The Founder of Give a Little Love, Marcel Ulvert, has been very supportive of the United Church of God in Australia over the years and has provided us the opportunity to affordably advertise the Beyond Today magazine on Internet shopping sites in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the subscriber list for e-subscribers developed from these promotions in Australia and New Zealand is at approximately 75,000.

Our LifeNets donation supported a fundraising drive for the Wairoa School in Sydney, Australia which provides quality educational programs for 65 students with intellectual and multiple disabilities in the 4 – 18 years age range drawn from the eastern and inner west areas of Sydney. You can see a special event held here at

Give a Little Love focuses on three things:

  1. RAISING FUNDS specifically for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and ChildFund Australia.
  2. EDUCATING AND SUPPORTING other charities by providing the platforms, frameworks, and processes to host fundraising events and activities.
  3. ORGANISING A REGULAR GIVING PROGRAM that supports other Foundations which do not receive Government grants and helps them become more self-sustaining for a longer period.

The United Church of God congregations in Australia are active and enthusiastic supporters of LifeNets and in many congregations collections, tins are displayed each Sabbath and also at the Festival Sites.

LifeNets has been registered in Australia and a broader base of support is being actively developed.

-- Ruth Root

Marcelo Ulvert's response: 

Thank you so much for this. I only recently returned from abroad and getting through the mail etc, but so happy to receive this and sending you much love and thanks in the meantime


January 29, 2018