LuminAID Solar-Powered Lanterns

On our trip to Malawi and Zambia next month (March 2018), Bev and I are going to take along about 100  LuminAID solar-powered lanterns and phone chargers. The larger one has twice the lumens and a battery charger for mobile phones. The smaller unit does not have a phone charger. The cost $33 and $17 respectively.  

Bev with inflatable lantern

These devices provide light and phone charging in places where living with power failure for extended periods of time is a way of life.  When the power goes out, there is no way to know when it will come back.  This causes disruption in the normal course of life and business. 

This is why LifeNets is turning to SOLAR POWER to fill the gaps.  Using roof-top solar panels our LifeNets Business Center has become an attractive place for customers to use our Internet Cafe, for example. People can rely on the computers to stay on!

We also wanted to provide a quick source of light for home use and the places in Malawi that have no electricity.  The solar powered lantern is the solution. Last month we took a number of these lanterns to South America and they were greatly appreciated.  

Thanks to all who support LifeNets

See the Website for LuminAID at

Nice compact package

Bev inflates lantern quickly

Suitcase full of inflatable lanterns!