Japan/Australian Wire Art Shop Supports LifeNets

Here is a report from our LifeNets Japan affiliate and it's director ophthalmologist Dr. Yumi Yamamoto.  She has been an ardent supporter of LifeNets since 2002.  You can see some of the projects we've worked on in the past at www.lifenets.org/japan.  Most notable was the 2011 earthquake/tsumani aid we offered at that time.
The most current project Dr. Yamamoto is working on is supplying a Filipino school with recorders for their children.  We have reported this story at https://lifenets.org/recorders/

Nick Cook

Yumi Yamamoto has now worked with Kochi Rotary Club who have shown interest in helping.  Also, a shopkeeper selling wire art.  The shop is called Oz Wire Art and opened March 10, 2018. The owner Nick Cook was originally from the United States, then Australia and who has now married a Japanese woman from Osaka.  They both love Kochi and have settled there.

Yumi makes crafts and Nick Cook allows her to sell them at his store. The total sale goes to her LifeNets project in the Philippines.

Yumi's contributions

Yumi had written the following to us to explain this project:
Another great news is about one of my friends, Nick Cook (Australian originally from the US), and his new shop which opens tomorrow (March 10th, 2018).

He is a 'wire art artist' and married to a wonderful Japanese lady. They met in Australia and married for more than 10 years. They moved to Kochi a few years ago just because they liked Kochi! (His wife is originally from Osaka)
His shop is, of course, to sell his wire arts, but he also lets me put some of my art crafts including herbarium bottles (you can see them at my timeline in facebook), arranged succulent pots, etc. I plan to donate 100% of the proceeds (not the profit but everything) to donate soccer balls to the school where I have sent recorders (boys love to play soccer!!). He says he will donate the display place and selling!! Of course one of LifeNet calendar will be put in his shop!

There are his links for public and facebook.


What he wants is that he can show to his customers that he is contributing to the charity partly from his shop's profit. I made and  posters that he may put on the wall of his shop. I attach some pictures of my art crafts and his.

I hope you also may be happy with our new shop!!


On May 1, 2018, Yumi wrote this follow up:
The shop is doing well (of course the business is slow but going up gradually). The owner, Nick, is a wire artist and he is very skillful. I go to the shop to check my crafts and plants once in one or two weeks. He donates his labor to sell my crafts and their space at the shop 100%. He is also happy to tell people that he is taking part in our charity of recorders or whatever for children in under developing countries.
Unfortunately, we have not done a new shipping after spring of last year. (https://lifenets.org/recorders/) We are making money and also arrange with the new caretaker of the school.

I will tell you when we have something new, but after we opened the shop in March, we are doing well!! -- Yumi