Progress Report – Cattle – Maloca de Moscou, Brazil

Report from Jorge de Campos about our LifeNets cattle project in Maoca de Moscau, Brazil:

On April 5, 2019 I visited the LifeNets cattle with Kraig Bledsoe in Maloca de Moscou. .The brethren planted a whole new grass feeding area and ‘Bella’ has had a little calf. The cattle is being regularly vaccinated and the brethren started building a second fenced area for the cattle. That way they can feed in one area whilst the grass grows in the other area.

It is a very heavy workload for the few brethren to build a new fenced area because they have to cut the trees, make the poles, place them in the ground, and wire them. Additionally they have their own jobs. An additional person is planning to live near the cattle region to help with the day to day husbandry work. The cattle is faring a lot better and compared to the other cattle in the region the LifeNets cattle is doing very well.

Jorge de Campos

Cattle Feeding

Bella's baby - April 5, 2019