Maize Mill in Blantyre, Malawi

In early 2006 LifeNets sponsored a maize mill originally called "Chachisa" to help with maize shelling and grinding in the Ndirande Township of Blantyre. It is a very poor and overcrowded part of the city of Blantyre.  "Chachisa" is a word made up of parts of three family names that originally ran the maize mill.  One has since died: Fred Chiumbuzo. 

While visiting in Blantyre in April 2017, 11 years later, we found that the maize mill is still operating and providing a service and income to those who run it.  It gives us a great deal of satisfaction to see such good outcomes.  In fact, it's working better than ever with lots of demand for the mill.

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Below are photos of the Maize Mill in Ndirande and its operation: