March 4, 2022 Ukraine Report From Chernihiv

What’s Happening in Ukraine Today?

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Masses of people are now displaced, casualties mount as we all watch in horror.

LifeNets International is committed to helping with the mounting humanitarian crisis. We are delivering resources to a few different places where they will be properly used.

I have visited Ukraine dozens of times and have conducted humanitarian projects in different forms through various settings ranging from rehabilitation centers to faith-based venues.

Right now we are shocked and horrified by the atrocities committed by the Russians on civilian populations resulting in the deaths of children and the elderly.

I am in constant contact by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to people who report the terror they are living through.

Today, I was awakened by Dr. Vasyl Pasychnik who told me of happening in Chernihiv, a beautiful city 120 miles north of Kyiv. I have been to see him many times at his “Revival” Centre of Rehabilitation for children.

Here is a synopsis of our conversation on March 4

  • Russian troops are seen passing through Chernihiv on their way to Kyiv
  • Russian rockets are hitting civilian targets: apartments, children’s daycare centers, centers for elderly people.
  • In one apartment building, yesterday 33 people were killed.
  • Dr. Pasichnyk and his staff of 36 at the Center of Rehabilitation are still caring for their 50 or so children in the midst of all this. They have also taken care of some homeless resulting from the bombing
  • The local government stated that they may be off the electric grid soon -- maybe the next day or so.
  • Dr. P. was able to buy a generator with the funds he had for operations.
  • It is winter and they are concerned about the loss of heat for the people, particularly the vulnerable.
  • A government food truck comes by twice a day with bread and some canned goods for people.
  • They hear of propaganda from the Russians that the people in Chernihiv are “Nazis.” There is a tremendous amount of misinformation.
  • People are living under the delusion that things will settle down and that “this, too, will pass.”
  • Local boys are resisting the Russians, but the fight is defensive. He says that they need more help from Europe and “Biden.” They have been promised weapons but they don’t come because the Europeans fear an escalation of the war.
  • They heard about the Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant that supplies 40% of Ukraine’s electricity. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.
  • Stories abound about how the Russians treat their own soldiers. They kill their wounded. They cremate all their war dead in mobile crematoriums and disclose no information on casualties. The Russian soldiers do not want to kill Ukrainians and are surprised that they are called upon to do so.
  • To Dr. P (and me) this is so barbaric and surreal. When I talked to him early today I could hardly believe all the things he was telling me.

His wife Natalia sent me photos through Messenger that you can see here.

We asked what we could do and how can we send money?  Right now sending money is not possible. We are waiting to find out this can be done as events unfold.

Chernihiv school bomber on March 3, 2022

Your help is needed! Once we can safely transfer money to them we will do so. There is a lot of aid that has come to the western border. Truckers are afraid to go too deep into Ukraine and want to unload and have local transport carry it further to those needing it

LifeNets is in a good position to aid in this war. I have visited Ukraine often since 1967. We have developed relationships in different parts of the country with a rehabilitation center for children near Chernobyl and with Christians in the West. We know these people as family and maintain close contact. We have helped them already in humanitarian ways through the years.

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