New LifeNets Primary School in Nalubanda, Zambia

September 17, 2021

LIfeNets has constructed a new primary school in remote Nalubanda, near Mumbwa in the interior of Zambia  We are pleased to see this progress. This school is a one-by-two classroom block with an office in the middle.

There are no other primary schools nearby and this is the first of its kind in this area. It will be for primary grades 1 to 4 with two sessions morning and afternoon.

The Headteachers of distant schools are coming by to this new school and one will be chosen by the community to head this school.

In October the LifeNets committee of five will go to the Mumbwa District Education Office to tell them about the school in the area and the need for resources for teachers, educational materials such as books and furniture (desks, tables, and chairs) etc.

The subjects taught will be English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Knowledge, or any primary curricular taught in Zambian schools. The school has no name but we are suggesting it be called International United Church of God School, Nalubanda North.

The Headman of Nalubanda is a deacon in the United Church of God. We are inviting a member of Zambia’s Parliament and the area Councilor to see the school and ask for the Government’s assistance for the school  

This school is a starting point in education for this community which is hoping to later build classrooms through grade 7 and then be upgraded to a secondary school (grades 8- 12).

There are no secondary schools in the Nalubanda area or surroundings, so there is great need for educating children who have scant resources and opportunities.  

LIfeNets provided the funding to build the school and the toilet.