Ngilile, Zambia LifeNets Nursery School

August 20, 2023

We are happy to show you how building a Community Center that has a use as a church meeting hall also serves the community through the week as a pre-school. We thank our leaders in Eastern Zambia for their forward-looking outlook for the community and the expansion of LifeNets support.

United Church of God hall used as school for small children from surrounding villages

School enrolls pre-school aged children and even some who have been unable to enroll in formal schools. The community has proposed a school uniform but this is not compulsory because many parents are unable to afford this.

The Ngilile effort prepares the very young for school instead of letting them play in the dust and corrupt their little brains.

Christine Mumba, a female volunteer, takes charge of the smaller children while Arnold Phiri, a deacon assists with the older children. Unfortunately, the school lacks benches and simple learning materials.