Thank you note from Dr. V. Pasichnyk in Chernihiv after missile attack

September 5, 2023

We received this letter of thanks from Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk and his wife Natalia in Chernihiv.  The city center which is only 500 yards from them was hit by a hypersonic missile  Six people were killed, including six-year-old Sofiyka.  114 were injured in this completely senseless attack. The Revival Center is actively caring for the injured.  LifeNets has sent financial help.

From Dr. P and his wife:

Dear Victor and Beverly,

We sincerely thank you for hiding from the troubles that have befallen the children of Chernihiv.

The injured children received mine-explosive injuries: shrapnel wounds, lacerations, some - injuries to the limbs, upper and lower, there are certain injuries to the torso, concussions, brain contusion, closed craniocerebral injury, etc. Unfortunately, one child suffered died in hospital without regaining consciousness.

Your funds for the provision of assistance to children who suffered as a result of rocket fire, immediately after the said tragedy, were used as intended - assistance was provided to 14 children (the youngest boy is 10 months old, the oldest children are 13 years old).  Unfortunately, some of them are still in the hospital and need repeated surgical intervention. In addition, all children, including their parents, are in a difficult psychological state with panic attacks and fear.

Little 6-year old Sofiyka who died in the August 19, 2023 missile attack in Chernihiv

The family of the dead six-year-old girl Sofiyka, who was the only and long-awaited daughter of her parents, was also financially supported - twenty thousand hryvnias ($500) were allocated directly to this family.

Today, when the world community celebrates the International Day of Charity, we sincerely THANK you, our friends, for your help in a difficult moment, the mercy shown and sensitive attitude towards small Ukrainians - you have a big heart full of love for people and Ukraine! Thanks to such caring people like you, good deeds are done and help is provided to those who really need it. May kindness and generosity always return to you a hundredfold!

With respect and gratitude,

Vasyl, Natalia and everyone at the "Revival" Center

Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk