2002 Initiative
for the Philippines


December 19, 2001

We start thinking about how we can continue helping in the Philippines in 2002 in the same spirit as we have the past two years with spring camp. In the box below click to see what's been done.

Clyde Kilough to coordinate
LifeNets Philippines relief


This year UCG pastor Clyde Kilough offered to coordinate needs throughout both southern and northern Philippines.  Among those tasks will be coordinating the needs of camp held in April.  He will work with other volunteers to provide help.

Ed Macaraeg writes us to tell us the following:

November 8, 2001

Our plans for next summer camp will involve purchasing a portable electric generator, as well as rappelling equipment. As funds permit, we may add some archery equipment.

If there are any qualified staff from the US, we will be happy to welcome their help and contribution to our Philippine summer youth camps. In like manner, if any US teens wants a little bit of adventure among God's people in this part of the world, they are certainly very much welcomed! Our two options for camps dates in the year 2002 will be either April 7-14 or April 21-28. We will come to a final decision on the specific dates shortly.

Again, we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for your continued help to us in this country!

LifeNets has donated $2000 cover some of these expenses and hope to do more.    

Stay tuned to this page to keep updated on the needs.  Interested in helping with a tax deductible contribution?  You can help provide the needed items at the camp by sending a donation to

        LifeNets Philippines
        P.O. Box 88165
        Indianapolis, IN 46208

In years past we have shipped items to the Philippines, but we are finding that we can purchase the needed items at a reasonable cost locally in the Philippines and save us the risk of shipping and the headache of customs and other problems.