Livelihood Development Update July 19, 2003

Here are few updates about LifeNets assistance that you helped provide to the Philippines

As we had reported earlier, we are helping with a livelihood development project to help people find employment and income. Here is a photo report on the cocoa tablet manufacture.  of some of the recipients and what they are doing.

In May 2003, Mr. Serizalinio Dizon of Manila, brought us back a sample of the finished cocoa tablets (shown by Beverly Kubik) that are made and sold to be mixed with warm water and consumed. The tablets are wrapped in  paper (below) and marketed.

Here are three people from Sabang, Bagban Leyte who are involved in the the LifeNets Livelihood Development project.

Left to right: Nicolas Baldioc (raises goats), Felix Barriantos (variety store) and widow Hermagena Barrientos (cocoa tablet making)

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Next, LifeNets was happy to cover the shipping ($1100) for over 800 pounds of items from the Sacramento United Church of God for Filipinos.  Thank you note from Clyde Kilough:

Hi Vic,

Thanks for paying the bill I know they will greatly benefit.  The items included were:

Take care,


We were also happy to help a young lady set up a small advertising business.  She needed a computer (provided by UCG member Debbie Clark) and printer and digital camera from LifeNets.

Cecile Cinco writes: "We bought a an  Epson C-60 printer and a digital camera and some supplies to start the business.  We're creating an ad to post at some establishments and nearby schools.  Again, thank you all very much for being instruments  to our wonderful blessings!"

Finally, LifeNets provided $1000 for special medication.

If you would like to help maintain these projects in the Philippines or any other LifeNets projects you can make a tax-deductible contribution to

        LifeNets International
        P.O. Box 88165
        Indianapolis, IN 46208

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