Sakhangyi, Myanmar Food Relief

Here is a report from David Bensinger of Boise, Idaho who writes about some ongoing food relief from LifeNets to our church in Myanmar and the surrounding community.

Our brethren in Myanmar appreciated a $2,000 donation from LifeNets in June. The money went to help feed several UCG families in Sakhangyi, and their family members in Yangon and in Singapore. People there are primarily day laborers and have suffered loss of income since the government shut down most of the country during April and May due to the Coronavirus. Additionally, $300 went to a prospective member, his family, and several other families who are “truth seekers” in Yangon.

Davidson Ley Bey, who resides in England, worked with Saw Law Eh, the UCG local deacon in Sakhangyi which is located in the delta region of Myanmar, to purchase and distribute food and supplies.