From V. Srikanth in Andhra Pradesh, India

Below is a report from Vipparthy Srikanth who is from the Andhra Pradesh province of India. He writes to the David Schreiber who is Senior Pastor to India. The photos show the food that was procured from the financial aid sent to the very poor in need during the Covid-19 crisis in India. Victor and Beverly Kubik met Vipparthy Srikanth when we visited in October 2018.  You can see reports of that visit on our TravelArk blog from that visit at

Dear Honorable Brother.David Schreiber and Loving Heart Jolinda Schreiber in Christ,

Precious Greetings to you all in the mighty name of our Holy Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that you have received my email on 7th August 2020. I received your precious support to my family and ministry through the Bro. Prakash. Thank you for understanding my troubles and support for my family and churches. Thank you for your prayers and your weekly newsletters. Thank you for helping all other countries in these Hard times....

Our Loving Lord will bless you for your church, for your family, for your ministry work. As we go forward in the days, weeks, and months ahead, let’s draw closer to God. Let’s come to Him. Let’s look to our Helper who is ready to help in times of trouble. Let’s  demonstrate our trust and faith in Him. And let’s look out for one another to help carry each other's burdens.

Your newsletter with good references has been given in it. Thank you for your encouraging words....

Our Almighty Lord leads you to encourage and support us in all times. I am also helping vegetables and helpful items to the church members and poor through your financial support. I shared photographs with this email.

Last week, We conducted a get-together / prayer meeting with local leaders and pastors and we met at Bro. Prakash church, We shared the Word of God to the pastors and leaders. I am happy to share a few photographs with you.

Thanks for your prayers and your support us in the present Hard times.. Please continue to do so. Have a wonderful and blessed day and weekend. Lots of Love in the Lord Jesus,

Andhra Pradesh, India.


Vipparthy Srikanth