From our dear friends in Chernihev, Ukraine

I would like to share a few recent communications with our dear friends from Chernihev, Ukraine that do a magnificent work in helping disabled children about 30 miles east of Chernovyl.  We have have been working with them winch 1996 and have a close friendship that has endured through this time. i wanted share a few of their notes to us this summer.....

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June 1, 2020

Dear Victor and Beverly,

On the first day of summer in Ukraine, as well as around the world, we celebrate the holiday of joy and children's laughter - Children's Day.  Happy children are the priority of every developed society.
Children's Day at the Revival Center is always a long-awaited holiday, which is accompanied by carefully prepared work, and entertainment program.  Every year on this day from the very morning the Center is noisy, festive, joyful, and full of bright mood.  Competitions, contests, gifts ...

Unfortunately, this year the quarantine made its adjustments to the traditional celebration of this special day.  It is unusually quiet in the Center today.  You can't hear children's laughter, joys, fun.  And we are extremely sad about that.
We look forward to the return of our sweet, sincere, kind, cheerful children.  After all, the commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies on May 28, 2020 decided to ease the quarantine measures and allowed the Revival Center to partially resume work in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological norms and quarantine restrictions and introduce a gradual exit from quarantine.  At this stage, without accepting children.  But we hope that the Center will accept children this month.

We wish good health, peace and harmony to every child, every family!  Inspiration and wisdom to parents and all adults whose hearts are full of love for children.
We wish you, dear friends to stay safe, keep well and we hope to see you again soon!

With love and thanks
Vasyl, Natalia

Some of the staff at Revival Rehabilitation Center

July 4, 2020

Dear friends Victor and Beverly!

On behalf of all employees of the Revival Center, on the occasion of the 244th anniversary of the proclamation of Independence, we would like to express our deep respect and sincerely congratulate you and all citizens of the United States of America on the national holiday of Independence Day and wish God blessings. years of peace, prosperity and constant affirmation of the values ​​of democracy.

We highly appreciate the contribution of LifeNets to the development and strengthening of the material and technical base of the Revival Center, are grateful for many years of support for our ideas and initiatives aimed at developing a comprehensive rehabilitation program for children with special needs, and look forward to joint projects in the future.

With respect and gratitude,
Vasily, Natalia