“Thanks” to LifeNets for Camp for 100 Children in War Zone

November 6, 2022

We share this "thank you" from the Chernihiv Provincial Government to the Transcarpathia Military Administration for facilitating the care of almost 100 children in the war zone for two months during July/August 2022. In Chernihiv, the children along with everyone were subjected to constant gunfire and explosions for a full month.  We were moved by what they wrote us and sympathize with what they had to go through in the ongoing tragic invasion by Russia on the Ukrainian people. 

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A Summer Respite from War

Dear Mr. Viktor!

In view of the difficult situation and in order to ensure the safety of the children, at our request, in June-August 2022, 44 pupils with special educational needs of the Bereznyanskyi and Udaitsivskyi educational and rehabilitation centers were accepted for a temporary stay at the base of the Nizhnyobistryvskyi gymnasium of the Gorinchivsk village council (Khustskyi district of Zakarpattia region).

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you personally for your assistance in the organization of recreation and health improvement for the children of Chernihiv Oblast, as well as the financial support of Victor Kubik, the President of the LifeNets International Foundation, 50 children of Borznyan Lyceum, Yabluniv Lyceum, Komariv Gymnasium, and Bereznyan Education and Rehabilitation Center were rehabilitated. Thanks to the care, professionalism, competence and dedication of your team, our children were able to rest physically and mentally, learn a lot of new things, and get unforgettable impressions from their stay in Transcarpathia.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you good health, prosperity, optimism, further achievements, and harmony.

May the Lord thank you a hundredfold for your support and for the share of the soul, given to our children in such a difficult time for the country and for all of us.

We express confidence in maintaining friendly relations and our further cooperation under the peaceful sky of Ukraine.

We will always be glad to see you in the hospitable land of Chernihiv.

We also express gratitude to the following;

  • Yurishko, Vladyslav Ivanovych, representative of the LifeNets International Foundation in Ukraine;·     
  • Kalynych Mykhailo Mykhailovych, head of the Gorinchiv village council of the Khust district of the Transcarpathian region;·     
  • Lyubov Ivanovna Kovach, acting the director of the Nizhnyobistrivka gymnasium of the Gorinchivka village council;·     
  • Tegzi Yaroslav Stepanovych, director of the out-of-town children's health and recreation facility "Shayan";·        
  • Weinrauch to Lyubov Yosypivna, head of the children's service of the Khust district state administration;·     
  • Oksana Ivanovna Polyanska, the elder of the Horinchiv Territorial Community;·     
  • Tegzi Olga Vasylivna, acting Director of the Center for Social Support of Children and Families "Domashne Teplo";·     
  • Rososa Svitlana Ivanovna, teacher of the Nizhnyobistrivka gymnasium of the Gorinchiv village council;·     
  • Oksana Vasylivna Vovchok, electronics engineer of the Nizhnyobistrivka gymnasium of the Gorinchivka village council;·     
  • Bagel to Oksana Mykhailivna, chef of the Nizhnyobistrivka gymnasium of the Horinchiv village council.·    

Glory to Ukraine! 

Deputy Chairman
Zhanna Sherstyuk   

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