Example of LifeNets Wheelchair Match in Queens NY

May 17, 2024

Here is an example of one of LifeNets Wheelchair matches from where people start by going to our website at https://www.lifenets.org/wheelchair.  From there they can donate their chair or request one.  From the database that has been developed, chairs are matched to those who need them. 

–Request for Chair–

Good afternoon, My name is Susan Lionarons and I live in Queens. I am a caretaker for my 92 year old mom who has been non ambulatory for 7 years due to a stroke. She had been almost totally bed bound for the past 3 years.

She does not have the core strength any longer to sit upright in a regular wheelchair. If this is a wheelchair that tilts back as one piece ( not just the upper portion) it would benefit her greatly. I was given a Geri chair for her but that chair does not allow her to be pushed outside as the wheels are not made for outdoors. She has really been stuck inside the house and taking her out and about would stimulate her and allow her to interact with others - in parks and possibly visit other outdoor areas. I think it would bring some interest in life back to her.

I could go on but I would not know when to stop. I am trying so hard to give her back some way to be involved with others.

This is a generous offer by you and I wish the best to anyone you end up gifting this item to.

Thank you
Susan and Mildred (mom) Lionarons

–after receiving chair–

The donated wheelchair has made such a difference in my mother's life. As I told you, she has not been able to sit in the position required by a regular wheelchair. This special chair has allowed her to go outside, which she has not done in almost three years. The fact that she can interact with other people she meets when she is out has greatly improved her mood and her outlook in general. I have sent a picture of her in the chair under a magnolia tree. She wanted to stay there to feel the breeze and enjoy the scent of the flowers on the tree.

I was surprised by how quickly and smoothly the arrangements were made for us to receive this chair. We thank the person who was kind enough to donate it as well as you and your organization for making this possible.

Again, thank you and The Lifenets Organization for helping us and bringing some much needed joy to my mom, Mildred (92 years old).

With our prayers and gratitude,
Susan Lionarons
Mildred Lionarons