Zambia Drought Food Relief 2019

We received this report about food distribution to stressed areas in central Zambia from Major Nawa Talama who is pastor of Lusaka and several other area congregations.   



I write to report that Good Works funded drought food relief through Lena VanAusdle. 172 x 25 kgs of maize meal for 43 families were bought for the following areas which are affected by 2019 drought:- Chongwe, Mwembeshi, Situmbeko, Choma, Namukombo, Kasumpa, Nalubanda North, Mapoko, Itumbwe and Lusaka. However, we discovered that about six families were omitted on the list which was submitted.

On the 27th June, 2019, Felicia, Muhau and I traveled to the above mentioned areas to deliver relief food to the vulnerable brethren. Families were very happy and excited at the gesture of hospitality by Good Works. People in these areas are starving because they harvested nothing this season due to the 2019 severe drought. These areas have been affected by drought for the past 4 years continuously.

It is hoped that this assistance continues up to about April/ May, 2020, that is if the areas will be blessed with rains. This situation can only be described as a disaster and therefore, assistance is highly appreciated.

On behalf of all the families and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to thank you for the drought relief funds. God bless you for the good works.

Major Talama (Pastor)